May 13, 2010

Fall in love just fall! Not too deep!!

Hey! Long time no post rite?
okay, let me tell ya about a film that I have watched last saturday with raufina (
A film about Indonesian, about coruptor, some religi and about "anak jalan/pencopet". So cool!
this time I dont wanna describe you about this film BUT i want to tell ya about someone who can takes my heart!!!
Okay first of all here the film 
Alangkah lucunya(negeri ini)

and then here the man who i adore right now!
*I am sorry the picture doesnt in the google

Glen (M.Irfan)

In general, this is a good film worth every rupiah and time you spent. A breath of fresh air for those who wanted quality and entertainment in one package.

Must watch this! I am really really sure its very funny film :-)

                                                                                                     Dinni Out!
                                                                                                Bye :-*