May 17, 2010

Miss my Friends :-)


1: Qotrunnada Fitriani: My long last girl friend, since elementary school me with her was friends and now, we are still friend :-) cool ryt? Hmm I call her Nada or sometimes Nado. Dunno why I love to call her as 'Nado' hahaha well, shes nice of course, kind, funny and she loves music so much especially Bruno Mars (sst, I didnt know about him anymore) lets contact her: Blog, Formspring and hmm phone number: 021887390*
2. Yudis Ananda Putra: Very handsome B-) White, Fat just like Nada haha, and hmm I think he is beauty too. hes kind, nice, friendly but sometimes he is sooooo selfish -__- but it doesnt take
many times. Long time I didnt see his face hahaha So contact him: Twitter, formspring, and hmm phone number: 08571691499*

3. Rinda Narrumi: SOOOO PRETY :-) I adore her so much.. she has a 'boyfriend' his name is 'Dicky' BUT I call him 'dicksaw' hahaha I think her BF is love her so much <3 Contact Her: Twitter and phone number: 0856181924*

4. Raufina Zahra Mahira Isandriyani: JUST CALL HER 'OPIN' ugh her name is too long for me >( BUT I love her name hihihi she always call my number everyday, I think she is big fan of me hahahaha hmm yaa shes very very very kind, loves Lady Gaga so much, and she loves 'K' ^-^ Sorry, I speak bahasa now, opin nih sering banget curhat sama gue terutama itu tuh masalah si "k" bujuk deh gue dia sampe nangis nangis gitu hahaha padahl dia sama sekali ga kenal sama si 'k' si 'k' juga ga kenal sama dia secara si 'k' juga anak eksis kan gitu ya di twitter egilaaaaxxx opinzz :-p lets speak english now, me and she hate COPYCAT SOMUCH!!!! Fuck ya copycat...... contact her: Blog, Twitter, and phone number: 08571107054*

All ryt those all my friends :-)
How about yours, Guys?
Tell me tell me.

                                                                                                                               Dini Out!
                                                                                                                                 Bye :-*