April 03, 2010

his name is Jet. i think he is kind and nice. hope we will get in touch eachother.hope so!

You: asl?
Stranger: hi
Stranger: asl please
Stranger: 17 m china
Stranger: you?
You: 14 f indonesia
Stranger: well
Stranger: how are you
You: fine
You: student?
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: senior 2
Stranger: you?
You: junior 3
Stranger: well
Stranger: may I make friends with you/.
You: alright
Stranger: nice
Stranger: do you have msn?
You: nope
Stranger: why?
You: never mind
Stranger: well
Stranger: what are you doing now?
You: just online
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: what do you want to say?
You: nothing
You: tell me about your country :)
Stranger: china?
Stranger: It is a very good country
You: sorry b4 my english is poor
Stranger: never mind
Stranger: there are many delious food and beautiful place
You: what kind of?
Stranger: peking ducks
Stranger: do you know
Stranger: and hot=pot
Stranger: hot-pot
You: hmm in bahasa peking duck is call 'bebek peking' hahaha
Stranger: really?
Stranger: maybe
Stranger: hahah
Stranger: do you have any communication tools?
You: hahaha
You: hmm what kind of?
Stranger: msn or qq
You: i dont have
Stranger: what a pity
You: how about yahoo messenger?
Stranger: well
Stranger: I can give you my e-mail address
Stranger: jetclark@163.com
Stranger: you can send message to me
Stranger: My name is Jet
You: brb but dont disconnect
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: I won't
Stranger: here?
Stranger: here?
You: hy
You: sorry
Stranger: what did you do right now?
Stranger: just now
You: otp with my friend
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: perhaps you could apply a msn address
Stranger: we can talk more on it
You: sorry i've told u, i dony have msn
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: I see
Stranger: how can we keep in touch each other?
You: hmm let me think
Stranger: well
You: twitter?
Stranger: I don't use it
You: how about fb?
Stranger: I don't have other
Stranger: neither
Stranger: sorry
You: hmm
Stranger: so we have to send e-mails
Stranger: I have given you my address
You: rite!email!
You: jetclark@163.com is that your email?
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: it my email
Stranger: how about yours?
You: dinnisaurus@gmail.com
Stranger: well
Stranger: may I know your name?
You: its dini
Stranger: cute name
You: really?
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: which language do you speak
You: bahasa
Stranger: well
Stranger: how about your study?
You: pardon?
Stranger: it's difficult?
You: some yes it is. but some is nope
Stranger: what is your opnion?
You: idk
Stranger: hehe
You: u know?
Stranger: pardon>?
You: some of my teacher is suck-_-
Stranger: really?
You: but i think they are tired to be a teacher
Stranger: why?
You: because of all the students. they are too lazy
Stranger: including you
Stranger: ?
You: yes! haha
Stranger: haha
You: jet its yours?
Stranger: no no no...
You: so?
Stranger: I am a student
Stranger: good
Stranger: I am dligent
You: cool
Stranger: so I am very tired
You: so tell me about your daily
You: tired?because of?
Stranger: I have to do more homework
Stranger: large and large
You: oh homework is too much for me
Stranger: It's the same with me
Stranger: I usually study very late
You: hmm
Stranger: pardon?
You: how about your teacher?
Stranger: nice,I love them
You: cool!
Stranger: well
You: hmm actually this is my first time to visit omegle
Stranger: really?
You: ya!
Stranger: I visit sometimes
You: what time is it in china?
Stranger: 20:52 pm
Stranger: how about you?
You: 19:52 pm
You: is tomorrow sunday?
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: just one hour different
You: and your school is free?
Stranger: no
Stranger: there are many students in china
You: i know.
Stranger: so it is hard to be free to everyone
You: china is the biggest population in this world.rite?
Stranger: yeah
You: lemme guess, your school is dicipline?
Stranger: dicipline?
Stranger: science
You: sorry i mean discipline
Stranger: sciences
Stranger: science department
You: sounds good :)
Stranger: which branch do you choose?
You: hmm idk
You: u?
Stranger: I have told you
Stranger: discipline
You: yes.so? i dont understand sorry :(
Stranger: sorry,It is my faults
Stranger: which discipline do you choose
You: pardon?i dont understand.really
You: lets talk about something else
Stranger: forget it
Stranger: change a topic
You: hmm did BB is popular in china?
You: *does BB popular in china?
Stranger: BB>?
Stranger: idk
You: yes. BlackBerry
Stranger: idk
You: really?
Stranger: fruit?
You: nope!
You: bb is kind of cellphone
You: in indonesia its very famous
Stranger: maybe I know what you meaning is
Stranger: here?
You: yes i am
Stranger: do you know World Exhibition or Exposition
You: hmm whats that?
Stranger: World Exhibition
Stranger: in Shanghai
Stranger: on Mat 1st
Stranger: May
You: idk. would u want to tell me?
Stranger: well
You: so?
Stranger: wait a minute
You: ok
Stranger: sorry
Stranger: you can search it on Internet
You: never mind
Stranger: well
You: hmm sorry whats your name?
Stranger: chinese name?
Stranger: or English name
You: both
Stranger: real name:Jiang Jiantao
Stranger: English name:Jet Clark
You: in bahasa my name is: Dini. but in english my name is: early
You: lol
Stranger: I think Dini is better
Stranger: sounds great
You: i dont think so. i think my name is too short
Stranger: It doesn't matter
You: do u know what? you are the same as my cousin's age
Stranger: really
Stranger: ?
Stranger: I am lucky
Stranger: I am glad to talk with you
You: yeah me too.
You: im sorry if u think im childish hahaha
Stranger: nope
Stranger: could you send your photo to me ?
Stranger: I really want to see you
You: by what?
Stranger: email
You: sorry.i never update my email anymore :(
Stranger: well
Stranger: speak please
You: im speechless
Stranger: me too
Stranger: hehe
Stranger: may I ask you some personal questions
You: alright
Stranger: is there a boy do you love
Stranger: ?
You: hmm actually ya
Stranger: boom...
Stranger: why do you love him?
You: because he is cute, kind but he makes me broke-__-
Stranger: yeah~
Stranger: boy always want to be close to girls
Stranger: and does he love you?
You: really?
You: hmm i think no
Stranger: well
Stranger: and does he tell you he loves you?
You: no :'(
Stranger: maybe he is shy
You: maybe
Stranger: maybe he is afraid you will refuse himself
You: i hope so.
Stranger: it is certain
Stranger: hehe
You: haha :) and hbu?
Stranger: me?
Stranger: I love a girl...
Stranger: she is very nice and good
Stranger: though she is not very beautiful
You: cool!
You: shes not beautiful?
Stranger: just so-so
Stranger: not very pretty
You: but she makes u comfort.rite?
Stranger: yeah
You: and she loves u?
Stranger: maybe not
You: where did u konw?
You: *know
Stranger: we don't get in touch long time
You: why dont you call her first?
Stranger: no no no
You: why? be gentle, boy! haha
Stranger: no
Stranger: every time I call her,we don't talk over 5min
Stranger: so I'd rather not phone her
You: ah. pity
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: and now it's rush hour
You: yeah
You: my mom was calling me!
Stranger: well
Stranger: will you leave?
You: i think so
Stranger: well
You: hmm nice to know u Jet :)
Stranger: me too
Stranger: remember to send message to me
Stranger: jetclark@163.com
You: u go first dinnisaurus@gmail.com
Stranger: well
Stranger: I will send her photo to you
You: i keep your words! see ya
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: I have to leave either...
Stranger: byebye...
You have disconnected.

alright Jet. I will send a message to you.

xoxo, Dini